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Description: Educators helping educators initiate and improve "Bring Your Own Laptop" initiatives in schools. Sharing resources, links and...
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Educators helping educators initiate and improve "Bring Your Own Laptop" initiatives in schools. Sharing resources, links and engaging in thoughtful conversations about what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be in place for a successful BYOLaptop program in schools.


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micwalker Presented at the 2010 TIES Conference on our 1:1 Journey. Presentation and resources here: http://wiki.ties.k12.mn.us/TIES10_113
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David Truss Hey folks, just gave this out to my Seniors: http://bit.ly/ac6OJQ Should take a while before I see the first responses! (Prizes help:-) Here are the learning intentions (right from the post) When you have done this Scavenger Hunt you will be able to: • Create your own blog post. • Link to a blog post • Add images (and give appropriate credit for them) • Comment on a blog ~Let me know what you think, Dave.
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Jay Atwood Welcome to the new school year. We've just finished our third week of the school year with full 9-12 implementation of a BYO program. Within the first week we configured 1500 laptops and other wireless devices for our 1150 students. So far it's going well. Lots of learning and experimenting going on. I'd love to hear how everyone else is going.
Cary Harrod Check out this article: http://thejournal.com/Articles/2010/08/05/Bring-Your-Own-Technology.aspx?Page=1 We're excited and gearing up. Let's continue to share...this just might be the way many districts go about increasing access to the tools!
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Cary Harrod Okay everyone. What do we want to do next? Do we want to encourage a discussion on a specific topic? Do we want to have an Elluminate session? Be sure to check out the resources shared on some of these posts. How can we learn together?
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My "Bring Your Own Laptop to School" Blog Post

Here is a link to it: Bring Your Own Laptop to School I tried to cross-post it here, but I either lose all my links with 'copy/paste' or all of my formatting with 'add html'... Both require more work than I'm willing to do at midnight here in Dalian! So i [...]

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