• Serkan Alp

    Serkan Alp, Design

    Serkan is one of our earliest employees and played a crucial role in the development of our platform's look and feel. He spends his days creating new templates and tweaking those little things that, while not directly visible, are very important for user experience. Serkan worked at leading digital agencies in İstanbul for over 10 years prior to GROU.PS, and developed projects for universally known brands. He is a graduate of Anadolu University’s Information Management department.

  • Dr. Ahmet Bulut

    Ahmet Bulut, Marketing

    Ahmet oversees SEM operations at GROU.PS, and strategizes online lead generation. Ahmet worked as a Research Scientist at Citrix Online (Santa Barbara, CA), and as a Senior Researcher at Like.com (San Mateo, CA). At Citrix Online, he was in the core set of people that architected and developed the first scalable and fault tolerant back-end infrastructure for the award winning online collaboration product GoToMeeting. At Like.com, he built the A/B Testing Framework that got widespread adoption across the company, and led automated SEM operations. Ahmet holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bilkent University, and a Phd degree in computer science from UC Santa Barbara.

  • Mehmet Emek

    Mehmet Emek, Quality Assurance

    Mehmet initially came to GROU.PS as a summer intern. During those three-months he got to know his way around the GROU.PS platform by participating in development testing projects. In fall 2011, he joined our team full-time as a Junior Software Engineer. Mehmet is a graduate of the Yıldız Technical University Computer Programming Department, and is currently studying in the Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations at Anadolu University.

  • Mesut Gokdai

    Mesut Gokdai, Content Management

    Mesut is responsible for the moderation of all user-generated content on our social networks including deleting any inappropriate content and filtering unwanted spam. Additionally, he is in charge of daily office organisation. Having graduated from Boğaziçi University's International Trade programme, Mesut is engaged in many intercultural and international community works. He is also a percussion player in a proffesional music band.

  • Jennifer Lewis

    Jennifer Lewis, Customer Support

    Jennifer brings over 8 years of successful experience in customer service, support, and administrative roles to our team. Her strengths are found in problem solving and implementation of proactive procedures to keep our customers content. Jennifer is dedicated to customer satisfaction and here to make sure your experience with GROU.PS is a pleasant one.

  • Doğan Balamir Nazlıca

    Balamir Nazlıca, Sales

    Balamir is our Director of Sales & Marketing. Over the last ten years Balamir worked in Sales and Marketing departments for various corporate companies, Societe Generale being the last one. This year he finally caught the start-up bug and joined our team. Balamir studied International Relations at Bilgi University and is fluent in French, English and Turkish. He is also the lead singer of Soaked, an Istanbul bred-and-raised synth pop group.

  • Enes Özden

    Enes Özden, Engineering

    As one of our earliest employees, Enes knows our platform inside out. Therefore we have bestowed upon him the mission of ridding our platform of any and all bugs. Enes graduated from Sakarya University’s Department of Mathematics.

  • Emre Sokullu

    Emre Sokullu, Founder

    Emre is the CEO of GROU.PS, which he founded in 2006 at the age of 22. Prior to GROU.PS, he was the founder Turkix/SimpleKDE, a Windows-like Linux distribution for the Turkic desktop markets that was snapped up by Armador AS and sold preinstalled with Turkey’s leading laptop producer, Datron. Emre’s passions span open source, operating systems, artificial intelligence (pattern recognition, knowledge representation, machine translation) and social web. Emre is a graduate of top-ranked Boğaziçi University and Galatasaray High School in Turkey. He initially traveled to the US to work at the Princeton University Wordnet Project, but subsequently stayed to pursue his aspirations, including getting a picture taken with Zuck.

  • Sean X. Yu

    Sean Yu, Finance

    As the CFO of GROU.PS, Sean is responsible for all things number-related. Sean has always been a technology nerd, although he will never admit this. Embarrassingly, Sean was first introduced to programming through Lisp while attending Johns Hopkins’ CTY summer camp in 7th grade. Prior to becoming the CFO of GROU.PS, Sean worked at Endeavor, Gryphon Investors in San Francisco and Lehman Brothers in New York City. Sean holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Harvard University.

Our advisors are Cem Sertoglu and Turker Ugur Sokullu.

Special thanks goes out to our former employees including:

Ahmet Hasan Keskinkılıç, Ahmet Tatari, Ahmet Ünal, Ali Cumhur Çevik, Ali Şükrü Göksu, Alper Kanat, Altuğ Bilgin Altıntaş, Burak Yiğit Kaya, Bora Sezer, Engin Dumlu, Eray Usta, Eren Emre Kanal, Gürkan Oluç, İsmail İzgi, İpek Ören, İlter Ateş, Mustafa Şapçılı, Mustafa Özyurt, Onur Karakaş, Ömer Ongun, Özgür Kuru, Taner Yurttaş, Volkan Özçelik and Yusuf Koç.

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