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Open source technologies

GROU.PS has chosen LeaseWeb as its infrastructure partner.  As the operator of a first-class worldwide hosting network, LeaseWeb's network has an uptime of 99.999% which currently offers its customers an available bandwidth of more than 2.3 Tbps. LeaseWeb’s growing infrastructure currently spans multiple data centers in Europe and the US, connecting with major telecom carriers. LeaseWeb peers with internet exchanges in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, New York, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Milan, Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo, Zurich and Madrid.

Utilizing one CRS-1 Cisco and one Juniper MX-960 3D core router, the LeaseWeb network infrastructure is diversified, hierarchical, very scalable and yields great benefits for customers by providing the best possible network management. The two core routers are geographically separated in different datacenters, connecting all data centers in the LeaseWeb network to the internet, providing customers with superior network performance. LeaseWeb opted for these two core routers to diversify and to offer the assurance of ultimate state-of-the-art uptime, allowing LeaseWeb to safeguard its service level agreements with customer to the highest degree possible.

More about LeaseWeb's network.

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