12.000.000+ members on 300.000+ groups
I love groups administration, it's the easiest and simplest, just log in as any other member in your group and access the site both as a member and as the administrator.
by Fansy Array, Fancreek Social Networking
  • Instant Setup

    So easy to use, you’ll be up and running in 5 minutes. Then, you can start inviting people to join your new community right away.

  • White Label

    You can use your own or existing domain name for your Wiki. And you still keep the option to create it under GROU.PS domain.

  • Public or Private

    You can let the whole world view and contribute to your group, or limit access to a select few. Create a privacy blend that works for you.

  • Search Optimized

    Seach engine friendly settings will drive more search engine traffic to your community. (Only if your group is set to be public)

Our Customers Said

When we moved to GROU.PS, we never knew what an amazing decision we made! The best thing I love about GROU.PS is that it gives you total control over the appearance of your group.

- Chika Nwaogu - Available.fm

I was so amazed to learn that GROU.PS has so many features as Facebook, i.e. poke your friend, comment back, like and even more...

- Unimatez

GROU.PS is a fantastic tool for turnkey community building. If you are looking to build a quick community that mimics a lot of the look/feel/functionality of Facebook then GROU.PS might be the tool for you.

- Jason Thibeault

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