Facebook Groups vs GROU.PS

Unlike Facebook, GROU.PS is a white label solution to your social networking needs. With our platform, you can design your group with your very own look-and-feel, use your own domain name, impose your own terms of service, and much more! Your group is unique, so why not go beyond the identical pages of Facebook and create a fully customized group that truly represents your members’ tastes and needs? Plus, unlike Facebook, GROU.PS allows you to monetize from your group. But don’t forget that you can use both GROU.PS and Facebook at the same time. Learn more »


Yahoo Groups and Google Groups vs GROU.PS

If you are tired and bored of interacting with your group members through emails, then GROU.PS is for you. With GROU.PS, you can seamlessly share files, pictures, videos; collaborate through wiki tools; and perform group actions such as fundraising and event registration. Plus, we let you monetize your efforts in multiple ways, such as by running your own ads or by selling tickets to group members. Learn more »


Ning vs GROU.PS

GROU.PS is the pioneer of the social groupware space. We make social interactions as seamless and natural as possible by incorporating news feeds, messages, and member profiles at the center of the platform. Through location-based features unique to our platform, such as check-ins and mobile apps, GROU.PS can bring your group’s online presence to the physical world as well. And let’s not forget GROU.PS is only a fraction of the cost of Ning. So why pay more for less? Learn more »


Wordpress, Drupal vs GROU.PS

While Wordpress is great as a Content Management System, you will be limited to a collaborative blogging engine. GROU.PS features our own blogging tools as well, but where we really shine is through our fully integrated social engine. If your group needs extend beyond blogging, then GROU.PS is right for you. Learn more »


Others vs GROU.PS

As the pioneer of the social groupware space, GROU.PS leads the rest of the competition in features, speed, and stability. Plus, with our prices being comparable if not cheaper than the competition, there’s really no reason to go anywhere else. Learn more »

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