Facebook Groups vs GROU.PS

Unlike Facebook, GROU.PS is a white label solution to your social networking needs. With our platform, you can design your group with your very own look-and-feel, use your own domain name, impose your own terms of service, and much more! Your group is unique, so why not go beyond the identical pages of Facebook and create a fully customized group that truly represents your members’ tastes and needs? Plus, unlike Facebook, GROU.PS allows you to monetize from your group. But don’t forget that you can use both GROU.PS and Facebook at the same time.


  Facebook Groups GROU.PS
Pricing Free Free Plans Available
Run your own template   Yes
Run your own domain name   Yes
Sense of belongingness   Yes
Run your own ads / sell tickets   Yes
Ability to impose your own terms of service   Yes
Full ownership of your content   Yes
Extensibility | through Facebook platform which has latency problems   Yes
Chat to 250 Users Unlimited Users(Platinum Plans)
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