Why should I choose GROU.PS?

Recent research studies show that relationship problems between a doctor and her patients are the most important factor in 71% of depositions considered. Deserting the patient, devaluing patient or her family values, delivering information poorly and failing to understand the patient holistically end up in poor doctor-and-patient relationships. Grou.ps helps you connect with your patients easily through a user friendly wizard. You can get started in less than 5 minutes. Why wait, create your online clinic and join the fastest growing social network now!

  • Instant Setup

    So easy to use, you’ll be up and running in 5 minutes. Then, you can start inviting people to join your new community right away.

  • White Label

    You can use your own or existing domain name for your Wiki. And you still keep the option to create it under GROU.PS domain.

  • Public or Private

    You can let the whole world view and contribute to your group, or limit access to a select few. Create a privacy blend that works for you.

  • Search Optimized

    Seach engine friendly settings will drive more search engine traffic to your community. (Only if your group is set to be public)

12.000.000+ members on 300.000+ groups
I love groups administration, it's the easiest and simplest, just log in as any other member in your group and access the site both as a member and as the administrator.
by Fansy Array, Fancreek Social Networking