Altay OS

Altay OS is the world's first contextual-social mobile operating system. It is based on Linux and openWebOS.


Babyzilla is a private social network for families to connect over their newly born babies. Inspired by the success of Yammer in professional context, Babyzilla aims to bring together families in a similar private and secure setup. You can download the Babyzilla app for your iPhone and Android phoenes from your mobile app store.


LoveBucks is a new content monetization method for online publishers. It's a Love button which anyone can click on and donate to the content that they like instantly. Launched in September 2012, LoveBucks is already the choice for monetization of more than 200 publishers worldwide in less than 3 months.

AppMachine is a white label mobile app generator for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. Apps created by AppMachine are an extension of GROU.PS, thus social by nature.

Widget Labs lets you widgetize your GROU.PS network and show its content off on your web site or personal blog.

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