12.000.000+ members on 300.000+ groups
I love groups administration, it's the easiest and simplest, just log in as any other member in your group and access the site both as a member and as the administrator.
by Fansy Array, Fancreek Social Networking
  • Lower TCO

    Moodle itself is free but web hosting, maintenance and your time cost money. GROU.PS is only $29.95 per month. Great customer support is included.

  • Newsfeed-centric

    GROU.PS comes with a modern design that puts newsfeed into the center, just like the social network you use in your everyday life. See what everybody is up to, the latest uploads and comments from 1 screen.

  • Secure

    We're talking about 256 bit SSL technology and an optional private virtual firewall here. GROU.PS is full of education communities like yours it's a safe environment for your students.

  • SAML

    Just like you do with Google Apps, you and your students can keep your school email and password for logging in, without sharing the credentials with a 3rd party. It's secure, private and convenient.