Social Media Agencies

Become a Certified GROU.PS Partner and offer your clients a whole new set of white label solutions such as "Collaboration and Corporation Communities", "Social Marketing Communities", "Sales Enablement", "Customer Support Communities". GROU.PS powered private social networking channels are an opportunity for you to upsell your services and diminish your clients' dependence on brand-unsafe public social networks. As a Certified Partner, you get the benefits of hours long tier-1 technical support, advanced reporting and official recognition on our web site. For serious inquiries, please contact us.



Think you can localize our product and/or sell it as a whole or parts of it to certain well targeted niche markets? We believe you can. Become an official GROU.PS Reseller and we'll let you have your very own custom landing page under your own domain name. Give us your magic recipe of apps, language preferences and settings that's right for your customers, and we will help you build a finished groupware product (or clan site, university portal, small business page, whatever) that you can sell. For serious inquiries, please contact us.


Technology Licensing

Believe GROU.PS could be a great monetization and/or engagement engine for your platform? No need to re-engineer everything from scratch, we'll give you the full source code with 1 developer dedicated to help you on-site and you'll have the full freedom to use and monetize it anyway you want. For serious inquiries, please contact us.

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