For small to medium size groups that need full customization and moderation. Our most popular plan. For enterprise customers and commercial use.
Price For further details with pricing, click here.
$29.99/month $89.99/month CUSTOM
starts at $2400/year
Storage Storage For reference, a picture is usually 250KB in size; a video averages 10MB. There's a cap at 10GB storage. Unlimited plans let you upgrade indefinitely.
5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Page NumbersNeed more custom pages? You can create additional static HTML pages using our simple and fast admin panel.
5 Unlimited Unlimited
  Start Free Trial Start Free Trial Start Free Trial
Commercial Use Commercial use is only allowed with the VIP Plan. Individuals, non-profits or companies with less than 15 employees do not need the commercial use enabled plans.
Yes Yes Yes
Standard Apps Newsfeed, People, Blogs (with external feeds), Forum, Wiki, Events, Funds, Subgroups, Files, Links.
Yes Yes Yes
Ad-Free For those who don’t need/want to pay for a plan, we have an ad-supported plan where we own your advertising real estate and use it to support our costs. Note that the content of your site is still yours; controlling your ad space doesn’t give us the ability to control your content.
Yes Yes Yes
Viral Tools Unlimited invites for admins and members. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ share buttons.
Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Basic stats such as daily page views + Google Analytics integration for further details.
Yes Yes Yes
Monetization Turn your passion into a full-time job. Get grouped up, build content and sell advertising with your own sales force, through advertising agencies or Google AdSense -- which is easily set up in minutes and connects you with advertisers worldwide with a turnkey solution.
Yes Yes Yes
SEO Optimization The more frequently your site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users!
Yes Yes Yes
Spam Moderation GROU.PS will do the systematic review and moderation of all user-generated content on our social networks, including deleting any inappropriate contents and filtering unwanted spam.
Yes Yes Yes
Premium Apps Premium apps include Videos (with a custom Flash video player), Photos (with tagging and advanced editing features such as rotating) and Real Time Chat (with one-to-one messenger as well as group chat features).
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Domain Don’t want a group with the extension, but need an online home with a professional look that is completely under your control, or need to ensure an increased sense of ownership for your membership? Go with a custom domain and get your .com, .net, or .org address associated with your group site.

Remember, you can purchase a new domain name from GROU.PS for only $10/year and let us handle the backend work, or use a domain you’ve bought from a 3rd party registrar and follow a few easy steps to use your new group at the URL of your choice.
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Templates Our set of 70 templates is more than enough for most, but if you need further fine-tuning and a full white label look, opt for a custom template. We allow you to change not just colors, fonts, and backgrounds, but also give you access to the full HTML layout and CSS for your group.
Yes Yes Yes
Welcome Page Create a standalone landing page for visitors.
Yes Yes Yes
Moderation Is your group getting crowded with people you don’t even know, or do you just need enhanced controls over what your members are posting? Easy -- we have fine-grained moderation options that allow you to restrict some or all of your modules from posting without prior approval from you (or those you’ve assigned to the task). The rest is simple: When someone posts content, you and your admins are notified via email, and you have the option to review the content and approve or reject it. This option is great for large groups that need to maintain a standard of quality.
Yes Yes Yes
Language Filter Mask profane or undesired words added by members.
Yes Yes Yes
No GROU.PS Topbar Appearance of the black GROU.PS bar and search functionality at the top of your group. Those who care about a white label experience would prefer plans with "No GROU.PS Topbar" checked!
  Yes Yes
Language Editor Edit any text on your network, including error messages and emails.
  Yes Yes
Custom Views You need even more customization. You don’t like the way our Calendar app works: you don’t want to list the events in its homepage, but you’d rather have member avatars come first. With GROU.PS, you’re free to arrange all the segments of your site as you please.
  Yes Yes
Roles As your group membership soars, you’ll need people helping you out in the administration of some areas of your site. You might hire a designer and want to arrange it so that s/he can update your template, but can’t fiddle with content moderation; or you might have a bunch of friends who could help you with blog post moderation, or wiki moderation. Roles functionality allows you to do all this, fine-tuned to your specific needs.
  Yes Yes
Premium SEO Increase your search engine’s visibility to let your potential customers or targeted visitors find your website on search results.
  Yes Yes
Light Links The links on your content comes with no automatic commercial link placements.
  Yes Yes
Profile Viewers Notification Haven’t you ever wondered who viewed your profile? You and your users will be notified weekly of “who viewed your profiles”.
  Yes Yes
ActivityRank Points and rewards system that lets you measure and rank members' content contributions and then extend moderation privileges to members based on these rankings.
  Yes Yes
API access Have even more needs? Are you an agency that conducts professional work for your clients? Get API access to extend our capabilities with things we couldn’t even imagine. API access is like “database access” - where you can reach all your group’s information in a well-formatted manner so that you can programatically manipulate it and create your own widgets, cronjobs or apps.
    upgrade available
Mobile App Enable your members to stay connected on-the-go, too! Available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices, the mobile app feature lets you create your very own mobile application. The apps that are created do not belong to GROU.PS* -- they’re yours, they’re white label, and feature your logo on the phone.

*Due to technical limitations imposed by Apple, iPhone apps aren’t white label. Your group is still accessible and fully functional - but features the GROU.PS logo. We’re in communication with Apple to work out a resolution for this issue.
    upgrade available
Pay Wall Put a pay wall in front of your content and charge your members a subscription fee to access your content... Additional setup fee of $198 will apply. Please inquire for more details.
    upgrade available
Support Our tools are easy to use, but everybody could use a bit of interactive help when setting up their group, right? If you think so too, you should get in step with one of our Premium Support plans, guaranteeing you fast, reliable and courteous assistance from one of our expert support associates.
Community Premium Support Premium Support
  Start Free Trial Start Free Trial Start Free Trial
For small to medium size groups that need full customization and moderation. Our most popular plan.. For custom needs..
First 3 months for Quarterly * $23.85 per quarter $89.85 per quarter $179.85 per quarter
Quarterly $38.85 per quarter $119.85 per quarter $209.85 per quarter
First Year for Annual * $83.40 per year $299.40 per year $599.40 per year
Annual $107.40 per year $359.40 per year $719.40 per year
  Start Free Trial Start Free Trial Start Free Trial
Storage Storage For reference, a picture is usually 250KB in size; a video averages 10MB. There's a cap at 10GB storage. Unlimited plans let you upgrade indefinitely.
5GB 20GB + Unlimited 40GB + Unlimited
Bandwidth Bandwidth More visitors means more bandwidth. Each time someone downloads a file in your group, this is counted toward your bandwidth; therefore, if a 1 MB file has been downloaded 10 times in a certain monthly period, it counts as 10MB of bandwidth usage. Keep your group private if you’re concerned about high bandwidth usage.
50GB 200GB + Unlimited 400GB + Unlimited
Members You can invite your friends, customers, collegues or employees and extend your network in one of low cost GROU.PS premium plans. There's a cap at 5000 members. Unlimited plans let you upgrade indefinitely.
1,000 10,000 + Unlimited 20,000 + Unlimited
SubgroupsBenefit from options including private and hidden subgroups, each with their own discussion forum, photo album and subgroup wall.
5 20 + Unlimited 40 + Unlimited
Email NotificationsYou will receive email notifications for all the actions in your site and stay connected.
50,000 700,000 + Unlimited 1,400,000 + Unlimited

* We provide introductory prices to our first time clients. The Introductory monthly covers a discount for your first 3 months and the Introductory Annual covers your first year.

In case you exceed your limits in the VIP plan, you can raise the limits indefinitely with packages of 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, 5000 members ve 20 subgroups for only $9.95 per unit per month.

For further details with pricing, click here.

Can I use a free trial or do you have any sample sites?

Once you fill out the payment form, you will be given 14 day free trial and will not be charged at all during your trial. Additionally, you can always have a look at our Featured Groups on -- please note the $1.99 experimental charge on your credit card will be debited back within 10 business days.

Does the free trial offer full features?

Yes, full features including the Customer Support and of course no charges!

What if I would like to change my plan during trial?

You can change your plan during trial and you will be charged for the last plan you have decided to continue.

Am I billed up front if I get an annual subscription?

Yes. Annual plans are discounted and one time payment.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes and your subscription will be cancelled on the next billing date. No more charges will occur.

What are the payment options?

We accept Visa, Amex and Mastercard credit cards. Debit cards are also accepted but please make sure they can be used for online payment.

How do I Purchase in a different currency?

You can Safely Purchase from anywhere in the world. Your bank will automatically convert US Dollars to the currency of your account.

How Secure is my Payment?

All transactions are made over an industry-leading secure connection (128bit SSL).That means that your data is 100% protected while it's being sent over the internet.

To confirm that you've got a secure connection, always check the secure connection icon in your browser. What's more, to insure you're credit card details never fall into wrong hands, all verification procedures are done automatically. that means no human ever access to your credit card or any other account details. GROU.PS doesn't store your credit card info of any credentials about the puchase process.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide any refund for quarterly plans and for Extra Services (including Valet Build, Remote Authentication, Pay Wall, and others). We do provide partial refunds if you are subscribed to an annual plan. You can cancel within the first 45 days, you will be charged only six months of subscription fees and the remaining amount will be refunded.

The pricing includes Silver 50GB bandwidth, 5 subgroups, 50,000 email delivery. Platinum 20GB storage, 200GB bandwidth, 10,000 members, 20 subgroups ve 700,000 email delivery. VIP 40GB storage, 400GB bandwidth, 20,000 members, 40 subgroups ve 1,400,000 email delivery. In case you exceed your limits in the VIP plan, you can raise the limits indefinitely with packages of 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, 5000 members ve 20 subgroups for only $9.95 per unit per month.

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