12.000.000+ members on 300.000+ groups
I love groups administration, it's the easiest and simplest, just log in as any other member in your group and access the site both as a member and as the administrator.
by Fansy Array, Fancreek Social Networking
  • Fast Setup

    It is so easy that you can setup your corporate site in 5 mins only. Then you can start inviting your employees or colleagues.

  • 100% Secure

    Protect your site from external access with virtual security wall. Feel safe and secure as only your users can reach your site content on 256 bir SSL.

  • No New Account Info

    With the SAML technology used in Google as well, employees do not have to memorise new username/passwords. It is integrated securely with the new system.

  • Private domain name

    You can use your own private domain name with the new corporate network you create or you can continue with your GROU.PS name.