Just can't find the location of a setting that you want to change? Have a question that needs answering? Even though GROU.PS is easy to use, we understand that everybody needs a helping hand at some point. And chances are, you're not the first one to stumble upon a particular question -- so check out the GROU.PS Founders Network to see if another group founder has already answered your question.

If you believe you've encountered a technical error or need more advanced assistance, you can contact our Customer Support team by sending an email to sales@groups-inc.com -- one of our support associates will be glad to help you out. Sending an email to this address will automatically open a ticket for you in our online Help Desk system, guaranteeing a response from our staff.

If you're a subscriber to one of our Gold premium plans, then you can also use a Premium Support ticket to get advanced assistance, ASAP. Check out the Premium Support page, here.

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