Using GROU.PS: Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Back to top

Do I have to create a new account for every group I want to join/create?

No, you don't. You can use one GROU.PS ID to join/create as many groups as you'd like.

Somebody created a GROU.PS account using my email address without my knowledge. What should I do?

Send an email to, and we'll take care of it for you.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Use the password recovery tool to regain access:

How do I change my e-mail address?

You can change the email associated with your GROU.PS account by clicking on the ‘My Account' link in your group. The URL for this page looks like this:

How do I change my password?

You can change the password for your GROU.PS account by clicking on the ‘My Account' link in your group. The URL for this page looks like this:

General/Networks Back to top

Can I change the name of my social network after I've created it?

No, you can't change your GROU.PS URL after creating your group, so choose carefully.

Can I have my network hosted at my own domain name? (Like ?)

Yes, you can. Just visit the cname section of your administration panel ( If you don't already have a domain name, you can purchase one from us.

I can't remember the URL (address) of my group, what do I do?

If you just created a group and can't remember its URL, you can: 1-- Login at using the email address and password you specified at setup. Your dashboard will appear. Click on the group that you couldn't remember the address of, and then note the address that appears in the address bar of your browser. 2 -- Check your email. We sent an email to you when you created your group, so if you check that inbox, you'll find an email containing your group's info. 3 -- You can contact us at so we can find it for you after verifying your admin status.

If I no longer want my site, can I delete it?

Yes, you can delete your group and its content at any time; just login and then visit the following link: But be careful -- this is permanent!

Is this free to make a website?

No it is not. But you are given a free 7 days trial period that allows you evaluate our platform.

Can I create multiple sites?

Yes, you can. You can create as many networks as you'd like using one account.

Plans and Billing Back to top

Can I change my plan anytime?

You’re free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at anytime, or switch from a monthly subscription to an annual payment plan.

Can I pay using PayPal?

No. Currently, we only accept payments via credit or debit card.

Can I charge for membership?

Yes, you can. We don't currently offer a built-in method for you to do this, but with a bit of advanced computer knowledge and/or creative usage of our Funds module, you can charge your members for access to your group by setting your group's membership settings to Moderated or Invitation-Only.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not provide any refunds but you will not be charged at signup and your first 7 days of subscription will be completely free. If you are subscribed to an annual plan, you will still have 7 days FREE trial and you can cancel within the first 45 days following your Trial period and you will be charged for only half of your current subscription and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Where can I find information on GROU.PS premium subscriptions?

You can find info on our premium subscriptions here.

I've already purchased a plan, but now I want to upgrade. Will I be billed twice?

You don’t have to worry about being charged twice. If you're already a subscriber, our billing system will pick this up, and when you choose to upgrade, you'll only be charged the difference between the prices of your old subscription plan and the new one. For the next billing cycle, you'll be charged for the price of your new plan only.

What is the auto-upgrade feature, and how does it work?

The auto top-up feature is a safeguard that can be particularly useful for highly active and popular groups -- we'll bill you automatically if you exceed the bandwidth and/or storage limits for your current plan. Your subscription will be upgraded if you're not on the Platinum Plan (for example, your Bronze plan would be upgraded to Silver); if you're on the Platinum plan, you'll be charged for extra bandwidth/storage according to your usage.

I'm a Gold/Platinum member with Premium Support tickets. If I submit a ticket and it turns out that the issue is a bug, will I be refunded for the ticket?

If you submit a Premium Support ticket and it turns out that you didn't need support but actually a bug fix, then don't worry; this won't count as usage of one of your Premium Support tickets.

User Management/Roles Back to top

How do I appoint administrators in my GROU.PS network?

Navigate to the User Management section of your admin panel; using the drop-down menu next to a member's username, you can give them full administrative powers or assign them to a role you've set up through the Roles section.

What are roles? How do they work?

You can assign limited authorizations to certain members by setting up roles. For example, you can appoint someone an administrator of the Forum app on your site so they can monitor and intervene in discussions, without giving them access to administrative options in other areas of your site. Set up roles at the Roles section of your admin panel, which looks like this:

Can an admin kick other admins or the founder out of the group?

No, s/he can’t. Only the group founder has the authorization to remove other admins.

My group is open to the public, but one of the members is creating problems. Can I kick them out of the group?

Yes, you can. Visit the User Management section of your admin panel or that member's profile page to do this; you must be signed in as an admin to see these options.

How can I edit the profile questions that my members have to fill out when joining the group?

You can do this through the profile questions section of your admin panel, at this link:

External Applications/Configuration Back to top

How do I create a facebook app for my network?

Check out the lastest Facebook app instructions in your admin panel:

How do I add Google Analytics to my site?

We’ve prepared a help guide to walk you through the steps of setting up Google Analytics. Check it out here :

How do I integrate my network with an external website?

You have a few options for doing this. You can feature an external website by setting up an i-frame within your group, or set up your groups community on a subdomain of your pre-existing website (Example:

Chat App / Messaging Back to top

How can I set up group chat?

You can do this by activating the Chat module. Check out the help guide

Is the group chat one-on-one, or can multiple members chat at once?

The Chat module provides a group-wide chatroom -- which means any member logged in can join the conversation!

I don’t want old chat messages to be displayed all the time. How can I change this?

You can disable the chat history by clicking on Administer this Page from the Chat page, or navigating to the Pages section of your admin menu/panel and then clicking ‘Administer' next to Chat.

I want to keep a record of chat conversations.

You can enable your chat history by clicking on Administer this Page from the Chat module, or navigating to the Pages section of your admin menu/panel and then clicking Administer next to Chat. Once you've changed the option there to enabled, as group admin you'll be able to selectively delete items from the chat history.

How do I send a message to all members of my social network?

You can either email all of your members or post an alert message that they'll see when they visit the group by visiting the Group Message section of your admin panel:

Can my group members send each other messages without using chat?

Yes, your members can send and receive private messages. They can do so by clicking on the link to send a message from any user's profile, and check messages that they've received by clicking on My Account and then ‘My Incoming Messages' in their dashboard.

Music App Back to top

How do I add music to my site?

You can add a music player to your group by activating the Music module. For more info on how to do this, check out :

What's the file size upload limit for the music module?

The limit for music files is 5 MB.

Which file types are supported?

Most major file types are supported.

Can my members download files from the Music module?

No, they cannot. Try the Files module for file-sharing -- but be sure to adhere to copyright laws!

Videos App Back to top

How can I upload/share videos on my site?

You can do this using the Videos module. Check out the following link for more info:

The maximum upload size for the Videos module is 50MB, and 100MB for Gold Plan groups.

Are there any limits to the kind of videos I can post on my GROU.PS site?

Yes. You can't share or upload videos that contain any illegal content or violate any copyright laws. Such content will be deleted by our content moderators and reported to the relevant authorities, and could result in the deactivation of your network.

Will embedded videos take up my storage/bandwidth space?

No, embedded videos don’t use storage or bandwidth.

Do I have to share videos that are already available online, or can I upload my own?

You can share your own video content using the Videos module; just click on the ‘Add Videos From Your Computer’ tab.

Which video types are supported?

You can upload videos in the following file formats: .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov, .wmv and .flv.

Photos App Back to top

How can I add photos to my group and create albums?

You can create albums and add photos by activating the Photos module:

Can my members create their own albums on their profile pages?

No they can't; but all the photos they've added on your group will be displayed on their profile.

What’s the maximum photo size that I can upload to my group?

The upload maximum for images is 5MB.

Can I tag my friends in pictures in the Photos module?

No, not yet.

Can I add new pictures to an album I created in the past?

Yes, you can add photos to the album at any time.

How can I share albums in the group on other sites, like Facebook?

As long as the group admin has enabled sharing and the album privacy settings are public, you can click on the share on Facebook link to share albums.

Blogs App / RSS Back to top

How do I run a blog from my group? Do I have to set up an RSS feed?

It's simple to run a blog from your GROU.PS community. Just activate the Blogs module, write a post, and click Submit. Check out this guide to using Blogs:

Forum App Back to top

I want to host ongoing group discussions on my site. How can I do this?

You can use the Forum module to organize group discussions on various topics. For a guide to setting this up, check out:

I want to appoint certain members as forum moderators, but don't want to give them access to admin authorities in other areas of my group. Is there a way to do this?

Yes, you can define specific powers for members by creating a new ‘role' in the Roles section of your admin panel. After creating a role, go to the User Management page and use the drop-down menu to change a member's status to the role of your choice.

Events App Back to top

I'd like to keep my members up-to-date about events taking place within my group or out in the world. How can I do this?

You can manage an event calendar easily using the Events module. For information on setting this up, please see:

What if my members don't check the calendar -- how can I let them all know about something important that's coming up?

You can send an email to all of your users by using the ‘group message' feature; access this via your administration module.

I've invited everyone I know to join my group, but can my group's members invite more people so that my group will expand even further?

Yes, your group's members can invite others to join by utilizing the ‘Invite People!' feature under the ‘My Account' link.

Can I change the date of an event after I've posted it?

Yes, you can; and you can use the group message function to notify your members of updates!!

Map App Back to top

What's the Map module for? How do I use it?

The Map module includes a world map displaying members' current location and souvenirs (with photos!). If you're accessing the group via smart phone, you can check in and find people near you. For info on activating and setting up the Map module, please see:

Files App Back to top

How do I start uploading files?

What file types are supported?

Most major file types are supported.

What's the biggest file that can be uploaded to Files?

The upload maximum for the Files module is 50MB.

Funds App Back to top

How do I create fund-raising campaigns/sell tickets/charge for membership in my group?

You can use the Funds app to do all these things. Check out the following link for more info:

Wiki App Back to top

How do I create a Wiki for my site?

It's simple; just activate the Wiki module and start adding content. Check out this quick guide to the feature":

Links App Back to top

How do I share links with other members in my group?

You can share links with your members, and allow them to share their own links if you'd like, by using the Links module:

There's a link that I don't want to put on a separate page in a list -- I want to put it in the spotlight to make sure my members see it. How can I do this?

You can also share links as part of your navigation menu, either linking to a site directly or having it open in a new window when your members click on the title. You can also use i-frames for this purpose.

Groups App (Subgroups) Back to top

How do I create subgroups within my GROU.PS network?

You can do this by activating the Groups module in your group. For a quick guide on how to do this, check out:

Customer Support Back to top

I need help! How can I contact GROU.PS Customer Support?

If you need support, you should check out our FAQ section and the Founders Network community forums. If you'd like to submit a bug report, you can do so by sending an email to If you're a Gold/Platinum member, you can click on the black Support bar on the left side of your group page to chat with one of our support agents or submit a ticket; or use one of your Premium Support tickets by sending an email to If you’re a Platinum / Vip member, you can click on the black Support bar on the left side of your group page to chat with one of our support agents or submit a ticket; or use one of your Premium Support tickets by sending an email to:

I have an idea for my GROU.PS network, but I don't want to build it by myself. Can I pay you guys to do this for me?

We currently offer advanced support for members with a Gold or Platinum subscription in the form of Premium Support tickets which can be used on an issue-by-issue basis; if you need someone to create a custom template for you or anything else major, you can check out the GROU.PS Valet Academy site to post bids for your project -- but be advised that this isn't an official GROU.PS service!

Other Back to top

How do I change my site's theme?

You can change or modify your site's theme at any time by clicking on the Look & Feel tab in your admin menu at the top of your group.

How do I remove blocks that I've added to my site and don't want anymore?

You can remove widgets at any time by positioning your mouse over it. A small X button should appear in the upper right of the block; just click to delete.

How do I use CSS to customize the appearance of my GROU.PS network?

Click on the Look & Feel tab, then Template Customization and Full Customization. Here, you'll be able to edit the CSS for your group.

How can I customize the theme of my page?

You can customize your theme using the Template Wizard in the Look & Feel section, and if you'd like, by editing the HTML or CSS in the Full Customization section.

How can I change the layout of the main page?

Just drag-and-drop blocks on your page until you've found an arrangement that works for you!

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