A Superb Social Network Experience

With a facebook like newsfeed, a modern look that meets today’s social media standards, and administrative control over your group, you will experience a superb social network. Advantages include the ability to white label your site, use a custom domain, and integrate your own logo to create the look and feel you desire.

Cheetah Fast Group Creation

Creating a group has never been faster or easier using the GROU.PS platform. Signup takes just a few minutes of your time, plus benefit from real-time previews when selecting your name, color scheme, category, and membership preference. No prior website design is needed to get your group started, however, if you find that you need a helping hand with further customization options please visit our Valet Build Services Page.

Invite Your Friends

GROU.PS makes it easy for you to instantly share your group with friends. Spread the word by using our built in Invite Tool to send out emails with one click. Simply insert email addresses or use our Gmail importer to notify your friends about your social network. Decide if you want to add a private message and then click submit. It’s that simple. You can also view invite status to see who accepted and joined.

Administer Your Network With Ease

Admin features are conveniently located in one place along the top bar. Visually keep track of member count, invitations, pageviews, moderations, and your current plan all in one place! Click on Tools for shortcuts to manage your apps and settings with quick access to FAQ’s and the Founders Network, a place to connect with other Admins. Two more quick and convenient links include Customize and “Need Help?”. As the Admin you’ll be able to manage members, setup roles & delegate, moderate content, and have the opportunity to monetize.

Add More Apps in a Snap

Apps represent the core building blocks of your Social Network. GROU.PS offers flexibility so you can pick and choose the Apps you need in a snap. It’s entirely your choice whether to use one or many. Standard Apps include Newsfeed, People, Blogs, Forum, Wiki, Events, Funds, Subgroups, Files, and Links. If that’s not enough we have Premium Apps as well including Photos, Videos, and Chat. And if that’s still not enough… you have the ability to integrate 3rd Party Apps.

Having Trouble? Our Support Team is Always Here to Help

You can always reach Support by clicking on the “Need Help?” button displayed on the top right side of your Admin bar. Alternatively you can reach us by sending an email to sales@groups-inc.com, connecting to a LiveChat operator, or by calling us at +1(650) 830-5630.

Don’t Miss a Moment, Enjoy Mobile Access

Keep members updated by offering Mobile Apps. With your group’s unique mobile app, you can check out the latest in your community, chat with members, upload photos, find members near you, anytime, anywhere. Members can reach your network with their iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry mobile device. Your logo will display both on Android and Blackberry, also for iPhone if custom version is requested.

Your Network, Your Language

We have 9 languages already built in including English, Spanish, French, German and Turkish to name a few. You can also add your own language by clicking on the option to translate your site using a web interface or by downloading the translation file. Don’t see your native language on our platform? No worries. Now, you can select “New Language Valet” and have a translation expert do the translation for your site.

Choose from Over 70 GROU.PS Templates

With over 70 GROU.PS templates/themes to choose from the sky is the limit. The default template is set to the Cosy theme but we have themes to satisfy many categories including gaming, health, fanpages, specific causes, and networking. We not only allow you to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds, but also give you access to the full HTML layout and CSS for your group.

Email Updates to Newsfeed

GROU.PS offers the ability to email content directly to your group newsfeed without having to even login. Contribute to the forum, share a new blog post, update your status, or upload new photos by simply emailing your updates to your newsfeed. GROU.PS believes that some things are just meant to be easy.

Infinitely Scalable

GROU.PS grows with you. No need to worry about storage or bandwidth limits. We offer unlimited possibilities so that your main focus is on growth.

Facebook Login

Members can join your social network by using their current facebook credentials through our Facebook Connect option, offering one less user name & password combination.

Enterprise Security

Sensible parts of our site are secured via 256-bit SSL encryption. Passwords are hashed through MD5 algorithms, so your privacy is guaranteed.

Share Rich Media

Let your members share rich media files such as photos, videos and music to keep a high interaction between them and enjoy your social network.