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Let’s get your initial set up properly done. We will prepare your website’s most basic needs so you get up and running as soon as possible. With your initial set up let us create and design you a killer welcome page. With your welcome page you also get a header design and much more. For people who want a completely new website from scratch. Get everything from logo to welcome page to design consultancy to a completely new web design!
Logo Your logo identifies your business or what you represent in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. Send us over your logo and let us implement it within your group. If you do not have a logo we can design one for you. Check out our maxi plan!
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Header Color Your header is important. It helps your branding. If you have a color in mind we can set that color for you.
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App Activation With over 15 apps it can be overwhelming to decide which one you need. Before you go ahead and use them all we can adjust your platform according to your needs and have the apps you want all ready to go. Please note this is not about apps development.
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Revision It’s not easy to get everything right the first time. Brief us and we will take the action. No worries if you feel like it’s not what you had in mind we can do the final touches and fine tuning’s with your revision right. Please note that revision right is your right to fine tune, it is not a new valet build request.
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Welcome Page You need to make sure that your users know what your group is all about instantly. We can help you do that with a killer welcome page.
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Header Design You have the color in mind? Great but what about the layout. A stylistic touch can change the world.
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Banner Space You have ads that you want to share with your users? We can create a banner space for you so that you can easily implement any ads you have in mind.
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Logo Design If you do not have a logo and you need one we can design one for you. You can get 3 different designs from our art director and choose from one of them. Remember your logo is your graphical representation!
App Customization You chose your applications. Maybe you want some modifications on how it looks and feels. Maybe you want to change where it is placed for example. We can help you with that.
Content Migration If you are coming from another platform or you are transferring your website to us then you might have material that is important for you. The only thing you might need is to transfer the contents. Then content migration is a must in your case.
Advisory Service Regarding the look and feel of your group you might have an idea or you might have a hard time figuring out what kind of a group you need even need. Brief us and our Art Director can advise you on what you might need. Check out our team’s page and get a feel of his experience.
New Template Design We have over 72 templates but you can feel like you need something completely different. You might even have something in your mind that you have been sketching. We want to see that and if you feel like you need a new design then new template design is a must for you!
Custom CSS and HTML You might already have your website in PSD form and you need to convert that to CSS or HTML. Send us over your PSD files and lets convert them and create your GROU.PS website!
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Let us slash the preparation time by half for you Flash Mini
7 days $999.95
Flash Midi
14 days $1499.95
Flash Mega
30 days $2799.95
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