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"What a school thinks about its Library is a measure of what it feels about Education" - Harold Howe The new age libraries in Kendriya Vidyalayas have been spearheading a quantum shift in the concepts of School Librarianship in India. KVS has the largest group of qualified working librarians governed by a planned Library Policy. Serving the user proactively with the right mix of traditional and modern information resources and services for their academic and social achievements prove that school libraries matter. This Online Network will help School Librarians to share ideas, work in collaboration, discuss issues pertaining to School Librarianship and most importantly to be friendly with each other. Feel free to express. Together we can reposition ourselves and march towards excellence. Kendriya Vidyalaya Librarians are invited to join the Network.
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KV News Digest

UNESCO Kids Book Cover Competition 2014: Template & instructions

The World Book and Copyright Day – 23 April UNESCO has celebrated this day on 23 April for 19 years now, providing an opportunity to reflect on ways to better disseminate the culture of the written words and to allow all individuals to access it, t [...]

Posted by S. L. Faisal • 7 days ago • View comments

S L Faizal’s Experiments with Reading Innovations in KV Pattom

It’s not every day that you come across someone like S L Faizal, a librarian who thrives on reading innovations in the school library. From launching the firs [...]

Posted by S. L. Faisal • 10 days ago • View comments

Flexibility in duty hours

Dear friends, KVS has given clearification in the matter of Duty hours of teachers and Now it is time for the teachers to show their back bone and use his/her option to use additional time 1 hour and 20 minute at Vidyalaya or out side the vidyalaya. 

Posted by SAINI • 40 days ago • View comments

Stock Verification of Library

Dear Friends this is the right time to do stock verification properly to avoid any problem. Some cases are there recently in which our friends face problem to hand over the charges and had to pay money for untraced books.

Posted by SAINI • 41 days ago • 0 Comment(s)

Stock Verification of Library

Dear Friends this is the right time to do stock verification properly to avoid any problem. Some cases are there recently in which our friends face problem to hand over the charges and had to pay money for untraced books.

Posted by SAINI • 41 days ago • View comments

eG & NIC unresponsive to KVs demand

Category: Library Automation
Started by Rajendra Kumar Panda • 13 months ago
3 replie(s) • Last reply by SAINI • 8 months ago

If Automation is only criteria by which Librarian will be analysed.

Category: Library Automation
Started by aurobindbehera • 18 months ago
8 replie(s) • Last reply by Dr. N K Pachauri • 16 months ago

Library Period & CBSE curriculum 2015

Category: Library Policy, Standards
Started by Rajendra Kumar Panda • 84 days ago
6 replie(s) • Last reply by Kamlesh Kushwaha • 15 days ago

Designation " issue"

Category: Status of Librarians
Started by SN BHAT • 49 days ago

About Transfer policy clarification

Category: Transfer matters
Started by Kamlesh Kushwaha • 60 days ago
1 replie(s) • Last reply by Anup Singh • 55 days ago

Alarming bell - Revision of librarian's pay band by Delhi Government

Category: Status of Librarians
Started by Dr. N K Pachauri • 61 days ago
7 replie(s) • Last reply by Vidya Bhushan Pathak • 59 days ago

Library Stock Verification and Condamenation

Category: Stock verification, Condemnation
Started by SAINI • 14 months ago
6 replie(s) • Last reply by krishnan.t.k • 60 days ago

about Change of Designation of Librarian

Category: Human Relations issues
Started by Kamlesh Kushwaha • 70 days ago
5 replie(s) • Last reply by R Raman • 63 days ago

regarding applying for higher post.

Category: Professional Development (In-service, etc)
Started by VIPIN XAXA • 5 months ago
8 replie(s) • Last reply by VIPIN XAXA • 83 days ago

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