National Award to Teachers/Principals 2011-'12 (HVS HQ Circular)

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F. No. F. 110342/1/2011-KVSHQ (Acad) Dated:- 21/06/2011

The Assistant Commissioner

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

All Regional Offices and

Principal, KV, Kathmandu/Moscow/Tehran.

Subject: National Award to Teachers/Principals for the year 2011-12.

Madam/ Sir,

The proposal for recommending the names of teachers/HM/VP/Principals is invited for giving public recognition to their meritorious services by conferring on them National Award for the year 2011 under the Scheme of National Award to Teachers introduced by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of Secondary and Higher Education). Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is to nominate and recommend the names of its 16 (Sixteen) teachers to the Govt. of India. The awards will be presented by the President of India on the next Teachers’ Day, 2012.

Under the scheme, the following categories of teachers of KVS are eligible for the National Award:-


Primary Teachers who have put in at least 15 years of service as teacher and Headmaster/Headmistress with 20 years of service



Secondary/Senior Secondary Teachers teaching Secondary/Sr. Secondary classes if they have at least 15 years of teaching experience to their credit.

This award is also open to such Principals who have put in 20 years of service



Special Category awards for Physically Handicapped Secondary Teachers (including Principals)



Special category awards for Physically Handicapped Primary Teachers. For Sl. No. 3 & 4 eligibility of class room teaching experience is 10 years and for Principals 15 years of service. Other eligibility conditions and the selection procedure will be the same as for categories at Sl. No.1 & 2




The teachers recommended for consideration of the awards must fulfill the conditions of Eligibility as contained in Annexure-1.

While making recommendations, a suitable representation to women teachers may be given. Main considerations that should guide the selection of teachers at the regional level are:-

  1. Teachers’ reputation in the Vidyalaya and local community.

  2. Teachers’ academic efficiency and desire for its improvement.

  3. Teachers’ genuine interest in and love for children.

  4. Teachers’ involvement in the social life of the community.

Teachers/Principals whose names were recommended earlier but not conferred with National Award may be considered again if they are still otherwise found eligible and are duly recommended by the Regional Committee by inviting fresh applications from them.

Normally retired teachers are not eligible for the award but those teachers who have served up to 30th April 2010 may be considered if they fulfill all other conditions. The service rendered on re-employment after attaining the age of superannuation will not count as eligible service.

Procedure for Selection

An initial identification would be done for the teachers who are eligible for the award and only after this identification the necessary forms would be given to the said teachers for filling up and final submission. No documents would be required to be attached with the form by the teachers and in no case the said form shall be thicker than the number of pages printed therein. The procedure for identification and selection is given as under:-

  1. Identification at the Vidyalaya level:

A committee consisting of one Education Officer of the Regional Office and one Principal from a cluster of Kendriya Vidyalayas shall be formed for each cluster. This committee shall identify the teachers from the schools falling in that cluster who could apply for the award.

For Principals, a committee at the Regional level consisting of the Assistant Commissioner and two Education Officers would be formed. This committee will identify the Principals who may apply for the award.

Once the identification of teachers and Principals has been done, the proforma of application shall be given only to such identified teachers and principals. The proforma shall contain one blank page also to record whatever achievement he/she would like to present for the purpose of consideration. Beyond this, no document or photocopy shall be attached with the proforma. Concerning Principals, the Assistant Commissioner shall certify the correctness of whatever has been stated by the applicant in the proforma by verification of supporting documents, in case it is felt necessary.

The recommendations of the Chairman, VMC, must invariably be obtained on these applications before they are submitted for consideration by the Regional Selection Committee

  1. Selection at the Regional Level:


Assistant Commissioner



One Principal of a KV of the region who is a National or Incentive Awardee



An Educationist who is a Member of the Regional Advisory Committee



An Education Officer


The Regional Selection Committee shall select two names from each category of the award for submission to the KVS(Hqrs) for final selection. The recommendations of the Regional Selection Committee shall be accompanied by the following documents:-

  1. Minutes of the meeting wherein Selection was made.

  2. Two copies of the proforma along with 2 passport size photographs of the applicant.

  3. Photocopies of the complete ACRs of the previous 5 years.

  4. Citation from Principal/Chairman, VMC/AC whichever is applicable.

The service record and antecedents of the teachers recommended must be carefully verified. A certificate to this effect (Annexure-II) duly completed must be signed by the concerned authority.

The recommended teachers from the region must reach the KVS(HQ) by 20th August 2011 positively in a sealed cover with Inscription “RECOMMENDATIONS FOR NATIONAL AWARD” by Registered/Speed post.

Yours faithfully,



Encl: As above

For downloading the the proforma see the "Files" section


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Regional Award ceremony snaps sharing with you friends.
Regional Award ceremony snaps sharing with you friends.
Regional Award ceremony snaps sharing with you friends.