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About Us

Welcome California educators and friends.

This Network is being expanded to serve as a meeting place for the following people from California and beyond who are interested in expanding access to higher education by removing barriers such as cost, geography, processes, technology, and time. This list is in alphabetical order.

  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Foundations
  • Life-long Learners
  • Parents
  • Policy Makers
  • Students
  • Taxpayers
  • Technologists
  • Voters
  • Others

  • The Network will expand its mandate to become a meeting ground for California educators and others interested in the:

  • California Digital Open Source Library
  • California Open Education Resources Council
  • California State-Wide Online Learning Portal
  • OER Center for California

  • To meet these goals, we are using
    • Business Models
    • Collaboration
    • Innovation
    • Technology


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    Latest Additions to Resources

    New links are provided here with the most recent at the top. See Cool Links for all Links by topic:

    * Education Commission of the States

    * Making Video Interactive Zaption

    * Forty Alternatives to College

    * Two perspectives on the Future of Textbooks

    * 12Manage provides free training on business subjects

    * Open Assembly - For creating open assessments and more!