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Golden Opportunity: Increase Access to Education

This Network is being expanded to serve as a meeting place for California * EDUCATORS * ENTREPRENEURS * POLICY MAKERS and * OTHERS interested in EXPANDING ACCESS TO HIGHER EDUCATION by removing barriers such as entrance requirements, cost, geography, and others. To meet these goals, we are using * BUSINESS MODELS * COLLABORATION * INNOVATION and * TECHNOLOGY The Network will expand its mandate to become a meeting ground for California educators and others interested in the: California Digital Open Source Library California Open Education Resources Council California State-Wide Online Learning Portal OER Center for California

Join the Conversation: MOOCs Best Practices

PM World and Open Doors Group collaborated in 2013 on two outstanding Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The two organizations are busy creating more MOOCs. We are sharing our lessons learned and gathering lessons from around the world in a MOOCs BEST PRACTICES GROUP on LinkedIn. Join us there.


Resources for improving OER compliance with accessibility guidelines: