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Description: The Othello Club will move back to NING.
Founded in: May 2010
Number of Members: 657
Monthly pageviews: 567
Potentional Monthly Revenue: $43.82
(Estimation based on traffic and internal)
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Othello Club, For The Love Of The Game

Johnny Barricelli wants to continue the Othello Club at NING. The members will be transferred asap. No link available yet but it will be posted here.

Trees van Seggelen has started a new site, Worldwide Othello News

Othello Club at GROU.PS will close down.

Thank you all.


Johnny Barricelli As for now,...we will be using the Facebook Othello Club.
Johnny Barricelli Trees is absolutely correct. GROU.PS will be shut down. The club will move back to NING once I get my things in order on this end. In about another month. If, for some reason people don't get transferred,.... we'll keep things posted on Trees website and/or Facebook Othello Club. Thank you Johnny
Burhan Asikin joined our group!
Nick Reaves has an updated profile.
Nick Reaves has an updated profile.
Nick Reaves How goes it Othello fam? Long time, no flip...gotta get on that.
Yoya Aje commented on the event Jakarta Open.
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