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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs




Secret Area 1
If you look at the pokemon locations list on http://playerdex.com, you will see that Bulbasaur and Bellossom can be caught in a place called Secret Area 1. This is an extra location that does not exist in any of the original games. It has an old lady guarding an exit; however, there is no way to get past the guard on north (Maze). These areas hint possible new areas to come in the future.


The old lady blocking one of the entrances stated that there is a beautiful mansion up ahead but was controlled by a group of thieves. However, the mansion has yet to appear in the game.


The cave guarded by the cops (one known as "Officer Arenya", who was named after a GM/Mapper) was once an entrance to another map called Anavalon Town, which was later removed completely from the game. Now it's called: Maze - huge map. It was used again in an Easter Event in which you will enter a tremendous labyrinth where you look for a fountain. The entrance has been blocked off once again afterwards. The footage of the event can be watched here:




The future of Secret Area 1 and its brainchildren remains unknown to this day.


Location: West of Viridian City past Route 22


Secret Tunnel
This is the second Secret Area, which also has an exit that leads to nowhere. The only way out is through the doorway you enter by. This is a home to numerous Geodudes with the occasional Grimer and Koffing. The exit is located deeper in the tunnel, blocked off by an old man.

Location: North of Cerulean City, past Routes 24-25 next to Bill's House (Cascade Badge is required to enter)

Cinnabar Tunnel
Within this tunnel are Seedot, Onix, and Seel. The tunnel is an alternative passage to enter Cinnabar Island, where the 7th Kanto Gym is located. This map may remain until Surf gets implemented into PWO.


Location: South of Fuchsia City, entrance located along Route 19


Science Lab - Water

Click here for more information.


Safari Zone (Johto)

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Sandshrew's Cave
You find that cave insive Rock Tunnel, press {SPACE} on the fount water and make your pokemon "bump" some water to roll over a rock and open the entrance of that cave.

Go to exit to find the entrance of PowerPlant.


Old Lady (Secret Area 1)

She appears to be blocking a passage to a beautiful mansion guarded by a gang of thieves. No one knows when there will be an opportunity to see this place.

Old Man (Secret Tunnel)

This old timer is blocking a small exit deeper in the tunnel. Where does this tunnel lead to? Perhaps someplace peculiar...


Celebi Girl (Vermillion PokeMart)
A girl NPC says "You took my Celebi..." when you speak to her. However, there is no Celebi to be found nor any quest related to this strange NPC.


Signs Written in... Gibberish? (Fuchsia City)

Why are the signs around this city written in nonsense? Perhaps an enigmatic character wants to send a message?


Roman (Violet City)

A young boy who loves playing Pool. Is he willing to issue challenges for keeps?

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