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Playerdex Features

Playerdex Features

*This page is still being updated*


The Playerdex is used for registering your game account, editing your pokemon moves or allow you to check another players team.  On this page we will explain the features of http://blog.playerdex.com/ (soon to be retired) and http://playerdex.com/index.php.  To access most pages you may be required to login using your game account.  You can use the navigation on the top right hand corner to explore the Playerdex.


Shared features:

Playerdex Home:
The main page of the playerdex.

About The Playerdex:

A general introduction into what the playerdex is.

Top Trainer Lists:
Lists the top 10 players by reputation, wins, wins minus losses, by money, and the strongest pokemon.

World Pokédex: Not yet finished.
Shows data for each Pokemon. 

Lists pokedex ID, base stats, elemental types, attacks and evolution chain.

Pokémon Locations:
This valuable part of the playerdex shows you which pokemon are in the game, what map they are on, and how rare they are.  Press ctrl + F to bring up your search bar, and you can type in a pokemon's name to find it quickly and easily.

Please note: all pokemons on system database are included here, and some pokemons found in some ares like TempName and others will not actually appear.


Our Staff:

This page shows who the staff are in the game. It displays the Developers, Admins, Game Masters/Game Moderators, GMLs (Game Masterlings) and Moderators.



Here you can log out safely from your playerdex.My Pokemon:
Shows all the pokemon you own.  This also leads to the move editor.If you click on a pokemon, you can see their stats and edit their moves.

My Profile:
Lists your trainer card, friends list, pokemon team, and trainer comments.  Players can now be reported by clicking on ''Report  This User'' on their playerdex profile.

Profile Settings/Modules:
Also known as My Modules on blog.  Here you can changes your settings for playerdex and ingame.

Playerdex.com features:

The PWO ladder is a way to determine the best of the best. By participating in it, you can show everyone how good you really are, and really be known as the Top Pokemon Trainer. It works separately from the leader boards and is more in depth. It is only available on PDex v10. [More info here]

PDex Token Store
Here you can check how many Tokens do you have and buy items/pokemons (like UCs) with it.
Tokens are special points that you win by playing pwo, from membership requests, an event or hand out by DEVs.

Memberships & Donations:

Here you can sign up for membership to help support the servers. You may also make a one-off donation towards the game.

Connection Server:

You can choose which server you want to connect to, currently the choices are: Diamond/Blue.

My Released Pokemon:

Shows all the pokemon you have released.


My PDex Store Inventory:

Below you will find the items you have gotten through the PDex Store. Like buying items/pokemons by tokens.  So in this page you can 'Activate' the usage of a previous bought item/poke from token store.

Blog.playerdex.com only features:


The Phonebook:

Allows you to see when you can next rebattle an NPC.

Change My Password:
Lets you change your ingame password.

Change My Security Levels: 

Here you can changes your security levels for your profile, pokemon, pokedex and trainer card.

The different options are Invisible, Friends Only and Registered Users Only.

Available Modules:

These modules will let you customize your playerdex profile.

Pokemon Lineup:

Shows your pokemon party in your profile.

Pokemon Stats:

Shows the world Pokedex in your profile.

Profile Comments:

Displays comments made by your friends on your profile.

Random Trainers:

Currently does nothing.

Top Friends:

Displays your top 8 friends in your profile.

Top Players (By Money):

Displays the top trainers with the most money in the game.

Top Players (By Pokemon):

Displays the top level pokemon in the game.

Top Players (By Reputation):

displays players with the most reputation in the game.

Top Players (By Wins - Losses):

Displays the top trainers of wins-losses in the game.

Top Players (By Wins):

Displays the top trainers with the most wins in the game.

Trainer Card:

Shows your trainer card in your playerdex profile.

YouTube Video:
Displays a You Tube video in your playerdex prifle. you can change the video by clicking the pencil icon.


Tips for using your playerdex effectively

To start accepting invites from friends and leting other players view your profile, select:
'Change my security levels
' on My Modules.
And choose options: Profile Security (Anyone).

1. Put important information in your profile, such as what pokemon you have for sale (Comment Feature).

2. Check trainer cards before accepting a battle.  Avoid trainers with hidden cards, unless you know you can handle it.

3. If you are looking for a pokemon, make sure it exists in that area by checking the pokemon locations guide.  You don't want to spend a week looking for a Pokémon that's not there.

4. Check your phonebook often so that you can go back and beat NPCs again.  The sooner you battle them, the sooner you can battle them again, and get more and more experience.

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