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Description: Healthy Hair Is Our #1 Goal.
Founded in: July 2010
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What is Transitioning To Natural Hair?

Transitioning To Natural is allowing your relaxed hair to grow to it's natural state.

How Do I Start Transitioning?
To begin Transitioning To Natural you must completely stop applying chemicals to your hair and allow your hair to grow to a desired length.

How Long Should I Transition?
There is no time limit on a Transition. The length of a Transition is determined by the person who is going natural.

Short Term Transition:
Growing your relaxed hair to a tiny afro and cutting your relaxed ends off. This is for women who like short hair or don't have the patience to maintain 2 textures on their head.

Long Term Transition:
Growing your relaxed hair to a length that is comfortable. Long term transitioning is usually for women who have had long hair all of their lives and want to keep their relaxed hair until their natural hair grows to a longer or comfortable length.

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Healthy Hair Is Our #1 Goal!!!!

I am no professional stylist or hair guru. I am simply a woman who is transitioning to natural hair and wanted to help others who are going through this process! I have a passion to help others and found that a lot of women are finally enjoying and learning to care for their transitioning to natural hair. My desire is to reach a larger audience and to show how beautiful natural hair is. I want others to embrace their natural God Given Beauty!!!

Visit L.Y.N.K.H.

Our L.Y.N.K.H Group is for all the Beautiful Transitioners, Naturals, and those contemplating the idea of having Natural Hair, in the Hampton Roads and surrounding Areas. During our meetups, the goal is to discuss hair care, maintenance, products, share tips, and socialize with other Transitioners and Naturals in our area. Join to get the latest news on Meetups and Events around the 757 area.
Transitioning To Natural

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Transitioners Rules:

*Please be nice and courteous to everyone

*Refrain from profanity or vulgar language

*Do Not Post Pictures that are nude. Any type of pornography will not be tolerated

*All Offensive or rude comments will be deleted

*Please report any problems with a member to the administrator(Brenesha)

*Please refrain from advertising or posting blogs and forums with links that direct members away from the site.

*Have fun and enjoy each others hair journeys!

Transitioners, Naturals, and All are Welcome



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Helpful Links...Youtube Channels...Facebook Pages


Here are a list of Youtube Members who I find are very knowledgeable in helping you along in your Transitioning and Natural Hair Journies. Check them out!

Transitioning To Natural TV




See My Healthy Hair Grow



Lexi With The Curls









If your on Facebook, here are a few groups to look out for:

Natural Chica


I Love Natural Hair

Healthy Beautiful Natural Hair

L.Y.N.K.H. (Love Your Natural Kinky Hair)

Here Is A Great Site For Caring For Your Children's Hair!!!

If you are looking for sites to support you in your Hair Journey, here are sights that I follow.

Visit See My Healthy Hair Grow

PND Badge

Natural Nina

Top Diva Sites
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